Beauty | Clip-ins and curls

Hi fashionistas,

So, here I am again. I can't quit! Today I want to do a tutorial about the clip ins I mentioned yesterday in my blog brown & gold.
I bought them online with 60% discount. My own hair is medium length. I just love the hair, the quality is really good. Yesterday I made a fish braid. Today, as promised I will make curls with the hair! Scroll down to find out how I did it.

Let's get started! 

Clip the hair somewhere on a table or ironing-board (like I always do). Then take your curling iron and take small pieces of hair and slide your curling iron down for a few seconds. When you have done that with all the hair, then curl your own hair (it's the same techique as you would use a flat iron). Don't forget to put some silk in your hair before you start so it won't damage. The last step is to punt the clips in your hair. The curling iron is from Princess by the way. You can also put in the clip ins first and then curl them. It's however you prefer, but one thing is for sure: The result is always great! 

Biosilk, the best product for your hair!

Let me know what you think. 


Love, Selma