Beauty | Make up routine

Hi fashionistas, 

It's sunday again. Time flies by so fast, don't you agree? The weekend is too short. Today I went to visit my parents and some friends. I wanted to do a tutorial of today's make up.

Always start with a rich day cream. I always use Diadermine for dry skin. My skin is very dry in the winter. Put on a primer so the make up will stay in it's place. Then you can bring up the foundation to your face. Mine is from Rimmel London (love the bottle). Do that very gently and going clockwise with a brush. Don't forget to buy the right color. It's very important to test the color on your lower jaw. If you take a too dark foundation it will be orange and not natural! I also put powder over my face when I am finished with the foundation. 

Then put the concealer on. When you buy the concealer don't forget to buy a lighter one than your own skin, because with the concealer you want to lighten up the darker parts! I put some concealer under my eyes, t-zone, above my lip and on my chin. Make sure u don't wipe it off, but gently make little movements. Mine is froms YSL. That's the best there is! Then powder your face.
The next step: make sure your eyebrows are filled with powder. That gives you a more intense look. When you are ready doing that, then begin with your eyes. 
Put on the white eyeliner in your lower eyelid and under that the black eyeliner(makes the eyes more open). Switch on to the black eyeliner and make a line on your upper eyelid. 
Then the last steps: putting on the mascara (can't live without!). I always mix two mascaras. One is from Essence (very cheap, but so good) and the other is from Estee Lauder, extreme black. I always like to mix mascara's because I think it makes it more intense. 
Then I shape my face so my face will look thinner and put on my blush on (I like pink). It's very important to have a good brush. Buy a expensive one, they are from real hair and they can last for a lifetime! The last stap is to put on your lipstick and some gloss to make it shine! Don't forget to spray some hairspray or fix+ by Mac in your face. That will keep the make up stay pretty all day. 

Finish the look with a nailpolish!

Love, Selma