Beauty | Ombre nails

Hi fashionistas,

It's sunday again. Time flies by so fast. Today I wanted to show you an ootd, but it's snowing the whole day today. I will do it the next time with the new dress I bought online at H&M. So stay tuned for that!
But anyway I promised to show you how I make my ombre nails. As you may know already I love to experience with nails and colors. It's a great idea for spring as well. You can mix and match as many colors you like. I will show you how to make ombre nails with two colors (purple and grey from Bourjois). That's what ombre is, fading away by using different colors. Those two colors go so well together. Now scroll down to see how I did it.. & I have a special shoutout for the Fashioncops on Facebook and Instagram!

These are the steps.

Step 1: These are the stuff you will need. Nailpolish, nailremover, a basecoat, a topcoat, a sponge and a swab.
Step 2: You put on the basecoat on your nails.
Step 3: Then you put the nailpolish on the sponge, before you do that make sure the sponge is wet. 
Step 4: That's how it looks like when you put on the nailpolish on the sponge.
Step 5: In this step you have to make sure the colors dap on your nails. Do that a few times and make sure to put a new layer of nailpolish on the sponge.
Step 6: This is how it's gonna look like when you've done that.
Step 7: Then you take the swab and make it wet with nailremover and go around the cuticules to wipe of the surplusses & after that put some topcoat on your dry nails.
Step 8: So that's the result. I just LOVE it! It's such a great nail look. It's something very different!

Love, Selma