OOTD | Ombre hair and ootd

Hi fashionistas,

I am so excited to show you the little diffrence I made to my hair. First of all I was contamplating to make my hair ombre (going from darker to lighter), because I did a lot of things to my hair in the past and I didn't wanted to damage it again. For example, I went from blond to black and so on. Anyway I waited a long time and I let my hair grow out and it really looks healthier now. I did already have some highlights in my layerd hair. The highlights are now somewehere under my eyes, but they are not too drastic. 
So I decided to buy a package of Syoss lightner and to highlight the rest of my hair (just the bottom layers and not the whole hair). I dyed the bottom layers, because they were darker than the rest of my hair. The only thing I needed to do is to highlight my clip ins too. So I did.I only highlighted three quarter of the hair. Now it all blend in and it's very natural and it looks sunkissed! <3
Oh, I forget to tell you about the outfit. LOL. The whole outfit is feminine and very black with a touch of white. All the items are from H&M. Only the shoes are from Morgan de Toi. 

The result, I will make some better pictures outside. Stay tuned..

<3 Syoss.

The clip in before the dye.

& after the dye.
See how the highlights go from darker to lighter? Love it!

 Morgan de Toi heels. 

Love, Selma