OOTD | Boho chic

Hi fashionistas,

First off all I want to take a moment of silence for:

Talia Joy
8.18.1999 - 7.16.2013
So sad she passed away! 
A true inspiration. 

Yes, it's real summertime in Holland. I feel good about that! Don't you?! Sun makes us feel good. I had a very different look today. I call it the boho chic. A long skirt with light and green colors. The skirt feles like a second skin. I am small that's why I never wear maxi skirts. This time I tought why not, let's give it a try and I've received compliments! So I asume it was a good thing! Power to the petite ladies! I love the combiation of light, brown and green by the way. As you may know by now I am obsessed with green! 

  • Long tanktop - H&M
  • Sunglasses - Armani
  • Waistcoat - Shoeby
  • Skirt - Rossmode
  • Sandals - Graceland

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Love, Selma