More | 51 facts about me!

Hi fashionistas,

Today it's going to be a diffrent post. I would like you guys to know me a lil' better, so I decided to share 51 facts about me with you! I hope you like it.. 

Baby Selma in 1985

50 facts about me:
  1. I was born on 22nd april 1985 in Zagreb, Croatia
  2. I have mixed blood, Kosovo/Croatia
  3. Favorite number is 2
  4. 90 RNB & HIPHOP makes me happy
  5. I am a big fan of Tupac, Mariah Carey & R.Kelly
  6. My favorite colors are red and green
  7. Fashion & shoe addict, that's nothing new actually!
  8. Obsessed with hairextentions, so glad they exist
  9. Used to be a blond for a long time, but I'm glad I'm darker now
  10. I love salty popcorn 
  11. My favorite quote is: AMORE VINCIT OMNIA!
  12. I like to watch NCIS
  13. I can eat sushi all day!
  14. I'm neurotic, everything has to be neat & stand straight
  15. My favorite song of all times: Warren G & Nate Dogg - Regulate
  16. I am a thinker, I can think about so many things at once
  17. I like to travel & see something of the world
  18. I don't like cold, i wish the sun shined all the time
  19. I have a lil' fear of flying, because of the height
  20. I have one brother and one sister, I am the oldest
  21. I love dancing, just moving around
  22. When a product is just one day over the perishable date I throw it away
  23. I have lil' dimples on my chin, one in the middle and two on the sides 
  24. I can be cocky, my way is the right way
  25. My natural eyecolor is light brown with green, when u get closer u can see it 
  26. My dream is to visit NEW YORK one day, just to feel the city
  27. I fell in love with London, my boyfriend proposed to me there
  28. My family and I lived in Germany for 2 years, before coming to NL
  29. I like playing with my hair for no reason, just twirling it around
  30. I like to watch soccer with my boyfriend!
  31. I participated in a fashion TV show last year
  32. I would like to work for a big fashion company
  33. Sad movies always make me cry
  34. My friends and family call me Sel or Selly
  35. I like pictures and standing in front of the camera
  36. I am very nervous before a presentation
  37. I like ppl around me, but sometime I just need some rest so I like to be alone
  38. I am obsessed with my eyebrows, they are really shaping my face
  39. Can't live without my phone!
  40. I use q-tips for everything, just love them
  41. I am a big dreamer, I would love to have a house at the beach
  42. If I feel sad, I always try to smile and think of good things!
  43. I hate smoking, I never smoked and I never will, the smell is so bad
  44. I don't like to go on survavial, that's NOT my thing
  45. I'd like to have 2 kids, but not yet..
  46. I have a birthmark on the right side above my lip
  47. I have a lil' tottoo somewhere..
  48. I love making curls in my hair
  49. I am lilttle, 5.3 inches
  50. I recently dyed my hair chocolate brown & I love it, see photo above!
  51. Just one more: I hate spiders, the way they walk, everything about them 
That's enough about me! What about you? Are there some resemblance between us? Let me know. I love reading your comments!

Love, Selma