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Hi fashionistas,

Let's talk about youtube guru's! I am so addicted to watching those videos and listening to their stories and how they do their make-up and hair. 
There are 5 guru's that I adore and really follow! I wanted to start my own channel, but that's just not for me, because I don't have the patience to film is one of the reasons. So who are my favorites? Check the list below! And let me know if you follow some of them and who your favorites are..


She is so cool and down to earth.
 A true beauty in and out!


She is so inspiring an has a great style.


She is so real and so beautiful. 
Look at those eyes!


She is so talented and has an amazing style.


She is a great person with a perfect body!

Lana Del Rey Young & Beautiful Inspired Makeup

Love, Selma