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Hi fashionistas,

Today will be a very different post. Since I came back from Egypt my fiance and I decided to follow a healthier lifestyle. It wasn't like we were eating very bad, but still we wanted to do it even better. In the beginning it was very difficult, because you have to try and be one with your body, mind and soul. I personally don't really want to lose much weight, just 2.205 pounds. The reason why I do this is just to feel better and healthier and just to get fitter and tighter arms and belly. 

My gym schedule at
  • Monday - Rest
  • Tuesday - Piloxing
  • Wednesday - Rest
  • Thursday - Fitniss (cardio+strength training)
  • Friday - Rest
  • Saturday - Fitness(cardio+strength training)
  • Sunday - Fitness(cardio+strength training)

I also do SQUATS. At the moment I m following a schedule and I'm at day #13. This will help me get fitter legs and a nice round buttom. :-)
Try it, you won't regret it. I promise.

I do't really have a schedule for eating. I eat a little less and more healthier like more fish and vegtebles, fruit, just 2 slices of bread  a day drinking 2 liter water (very important, don't do that before going to sleep, because you will need the wc a lot!). I also take the stairs when I need to go somewhere. I also use vitamines like omega 3. 

Before I go to the gym I also take a candy bar I bought online at
The bar has a lot of protein and it's good for the energy level. I do make a protein smoothie of spinach and strawberrys every morning before going to work.

Smoothie ingredients:



Put the strawberries first (I use frozen strawberries, because I don't want to use fresh ones, because they don't stay fresh for too long). A little bit of milk is the second step (I always make the shake for two so I put some more in it). Then put some lemon juce or orange jus. Then put some yogurt in it (0% fat). The fifth step is to add some spinach leaves (Popeye style). The sixth step is to add some honey for the sweetness. At least add some whey protein powder for them muscles! There is your smoothie. It's healthy, easy and so yummy!!!

I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope I changed something in your lifestyle. Start being healthy and happy. Listen to your body and mind! 

''Your body hears everything your mind says.''

Naomi Judd 

Love, Selma