Beauty | Skin perfection serum by L'oreal

Hi fashionistas,

I will do a review today altough I have the flu and I am lying in bed. I feel the need to do a review about this face product! The skin perfection is very new here in Holland. All the drugstores are advertising perticaler for this product now. I heard some stuff about it and I just waited till it finally came in our stores. I am so excited, because I'm just crazy about L'oreal. I have so many products of them. They have great quality and the fact that it's affordable makes them the greatest. Anyway thats my opinion! I bought the serum a few days ago at Kruidvat together with my favorite mascara, the L'oreal telescopic mascara with 30% discount (if you buy 2 products from L'oreal). With that I also got a cute blue/pink makeup bag with the ''oh so known'' text: I'M WORTH IT for free! Instead of €16,99, I bought it for something like €10,19. That's how I roll.. :P

On the package they say that it is the first correcting serum that really proves the quality of the skin!

What it promises:

-Feel: after one minute the skin feels already softer
-See: the pores are mostly invisible after one week
-Admire: the tone is more even and the skin is radiant

So this whole line is made for women around their thirties. 84% of the women were satisfied and really saw the skin difference. That is alot if you ask me! I have a dehydrated skin so I'm very happy with this serum and I put it on my face every morning before make up and before I go to sleep. They aslo have a whole line, not only the serum: 

.Advaned serum
.Day moituriser
.Awaking eye cream (I didn't saw this one in our stores)
.Magic touch instant blur
.5 in 1 BB cream (in 2 shades) 

My opinion:

First I'd like to start with the packaging, it looks amazing, love the bright pink color. The bottle looks so high end, because of the colors and the glass bottle with a pump on it (that's nothing new)! The smell is so great and when you put it on your skin it feels like a silicone layer. That's the good thing, because it absorbs so fast. This is really amazing, I love it, the serum is so rich! I think I am obsessed. I really would recommend it to anyone! I will also buy the day moisturiser. I wanted to try this one first, because I love serums! I only have tried it for a few days now, but I will definitely come back to this review after one month!

Here you can see how fast it aborbs into the skin. 
Left result in a few seconds, right result after a minute.

Before I forget I am planning a giveaway and because I was sick I couldn't really do new outfit posts, but I have enough ideas so stay tuned, fashionistas!

Love, Selma