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Hi fashionistas,

You already know that I'm weak when it comes to heels. I just love heels in every color, shape and zo on. So I decided to make a post about it. I am only 5'2, so you can imagine why I love to wear them. Even if I wasn't that small I still would wear them. In a kinda way they make me feel more secure with myself. Not only I look taller, I also feel more confident. I know all of you will agree on that point. They also make a statement, I really think a shoe makes the woman. If you are wearing only black clothes and match it with a pair of RED killer heels for example you will stand out, because of the heels! Yes, they hurt and yes they can be very uncofortable, but hey who wants be pretty has to suffer :P! I made a selection of the hottets heels. The price is in Euros. Check it out and shop! :P 

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Boohoo, 30,00 
[I own this pair, every woman needs a nude pump!]

Boohoo, 45,00

Mango, 69,99

Mango, 139,99

Zara - 79,95

Zara - 69,95

Forever21, 28,90

Forever21, 28,90

[This pair is gonna be mine soon. So in love!]

''High heels are pleasure with pain.''

Christian Louboutin

Love, Selma