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Hi fashionistas,

Today is going to be a whole different post. I would have actually released this post earlier, but I have not been feeling very well the last couple of days. This review is all about the clip in extensions from a Ducth company called Sparkle hair. They ship in Holland and Belgium. 

With Sparkle Hair clip-in extensions you can create the look you want. Your hair will be longer, thicker, more voluminous and more glamorous in just a matter of time. Because of the strong clips where the hair is attached to it won't slide of your own hair. The clips are from silicone strips so it isn't damaging for your hair at all! These extensions are so thick and very affordable. They are also 100% Remy hair. That's the best human quality hair you can buy, because the hair cuticles point the same way.  If you don't know wich color will suit your hair the best you can do is to send them an e-mail: They will take the time to help you immidiately. The shipping lasts not longer than 5 days. And of course you can color, cut or curl the hair. This hair is just like your real hair.
The extensions are for evey hairtype. You can choose for full volume or just a little bit lenght. The set I received is called the luxe set. There are more sets: the budget, the basic and the deluxe set with different lengths. 

Clip-in guide Sparkle Hair

So much volume with my Sparkles!

A bigger bun? Get your Sparkles here:

My opinion about Sparkle Hair

In my opinion these are the thickest extensions I have ever tried. The color I chose was Chestnut-Brown #6. I really tought that was the right color, but in the meantime it was so sunny here in Holland and my hair has gotten lighter. So I knew I had to dye them. But first things first. 

The extensions come in 10 wefts::

1x 20cm 
1x 17,5cm 

2x 10cm

4 x 3,5cm

The color a the first opening, they were actaully a little more reddish.

I was so happy when I received the package and I was so excited to try them. And how cute is the rose hairband I've got in the packaging too (a blogpost with the hairband will follow soon). But anyway, the color didn't matched as I mentioned earlier. So I did had to dye the extensions 2 times. First I had to bleach them and then add a brown color (because I have a lot of ombre highlights). So it was finally done and I wore them on my previous blogpost: Click here.
I also wore them a couple days ago in a high bun. My hair is a little bit longer than shoulder length, so this gives me so much volume. The best part is that I only used two wefts for the bun! How awesome is that? In the pictures with my hair down I only used 3 wefts and 2 little ones on the left and right side! I did had them cut a little but, I personally think that it blends better if you cut them to the length you desire. 

My conclusion is that they are very thick, shiny and look so real, altough I did dyed them. The only thing is that it had cost me some time to match them to my real hair color. I think the reason for that was the chestnut brown color who has a reddis shade. Thank you, Sparkle Hair for working with me! Do you like your hair to sparkle then visit their site: Sparkle Hair!

Love, Selma