More | Pregnancy update week 36

Hi fashionistas,

As a mentioned in my previous post this last few weeks I will weekly keep you updated aboout my pregnancy. I am entering week 36 now. My last ultra sound scan was a few days ago and the baby is growing very good! That was the last ultra sound to determine the position of the baby before birth. She weighs 2350 grams. At birth she will probably gain a 1000 grams more. She is moving further down my pelvis. She still kicks very hard at time and I love it.
I weigh 68 kilograms at the moment. I do have an nesting instict. I have such a strong desire to clean up before our new arrival. I try to keep it in control, because I get very tired. My lower back does hurt more than usual. I need to keep that in mind and rest some more. I know.. Big hug and until the next post!

Baby's looks so funny in ultra sounds, don't you think?!