More | Pregnancy update week 38

Hi fashionistas,

Week 38 of my pregnancy is already here. Time goes by so fast. It can happen every moment now. She still kicks all the time, especially at night. That’s a good thing! My blood pressure is perfect. Everything is going the way it should be according to my midwife. I am 70 kilograms now. I hope it will stay that way. I don't want to gain more, LOL. I made a newborn checklist of everything I purchased and prepared for our princess arrival. A checklist is perfect and it gives me inner peace. I already packed our hospital bag just in case she will come earlier. I will tell you everything about the newborn checklist and the hospital checklist in the next update post. We are so ready for our littl princess! As promised here is a litttle sneak peek of her room. Hope you like it. Big hug and until the next post!

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