More | Pregnancy update week 39 & giveaway winner

Hi fashionistas,

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day. Week 39 of my pregnancy is here. I have the feeling it will happen at the beginning of this week. I only know when I think about giving birth I become afraid, because of all the labor stories I've heard and red. I just have to focus on the baby and the power that I can do it! The baby weighs somewhere around 3 kilos now. Everything looks good so far so let's hope for the best these last few days! This morning I had some quick contractions, the first one was actually very painful. At the moment I don't feel no pain. We will see how long it will take now. I will keep you updated through my social media if something changes. So here is the newborn checklist and the labor bag checklist. I did a lot of research online and asked a lot of people what I needed and so on. I hope we have enough of everything, otherwise we can always buy it later. I also wanna thank everyone who entered my 2 year giveaway. I am so sorry that I can't make everyone happy. I just wanted to let you know that there will be more giveaways in the future so stay tuned. Big hug and until the next post!

Newborn checklist
6 onesies
5 nightgowns 
4 pants/tights
a lot of hats
a lot of socks
2 jackets
6 dressing up outfits
8 blankets
a lot of bibs
breast pump
milk containers
nursing pillow
nursing bra
breast pads
diapers [a lot]
diaper pail
2 changing pads
baby wipes
baby creams
1 plastic tub
10 washcloths
4 soft-hooded towels
baby hair brush
crib mattress
6 mattress covers
1 sleep sack
safety seat
nail clippers
baby thermometer
thermometer for me
change table
chair for feeding
baby carrier
diaper bag
baby toys
night light
plastic hangers

Labor bag me
dressing gown
computer, magazines
important papers

Labor bag baby
baby jacket 
baby socks
baby blancket
2 baby sets
safety seat

The giveaway
 The winner of my last giveaway is: TEA S. I will contact you privately! Congrats and have fun with the stuff.