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Hi beauties,

Yeah, I decided to do a weekly recap. What I am going to do is basically make a short summary about what I did on a daily basis the week before. I thought that would be fun and you can get to know me a little bit better. I also want to post more and film more but I don't always have the time. Do you recommend Snap chat by the way? Is anyone using it? Let me know please.

Monday was a chilling day. I went to the park with my little baby girl. Nothing special.

A package from Australia arrived. My golden Infinity bracelet had finally arrived. Thank you, PEACHBOX. I made a post about it yesterday.
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I went to my mother and slept over with my little baby girl. Finally I had the time to prepare some blogging and so on.. My fringe dress from 10dollarmall came in the mail.
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My new business cards arrived from Vistaprint. I am very happy about the lay out! My baby girl turned 20 weeks!!! Love her so much. <3
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I went to Utrecht with my babygirl. I did some shopping at Bershka, Manfield, Doouglas and I bought a new phone case with a photo of Merilyn Monroe.

I went to Amsterdam to the MBfashionweek to watch the show from Gouse of Byfield. Thanks Stravagantepr for the invite! Thanks for the little goodie bag! More about that will bw up on my blog this week. When I came home my hubby, his brother and I went to a sushi restaurant. Yummy my fave!

In first place I wanted to visit de Modefabriek in Amsterdam, but I didn't felt that well. I did some grocery and my sister came to visit us with her huddy. The rest of the day I did some laundry and preparing some blog posts!
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