Irresistibleme hair

Hi beauties,

Recently I have received my extensions from I heard about their brand a long time ago. The packaging is absolutely beautiful. When I opened the packaging I immateriality saw how thick the extensions are, WOW. The hair is 100% human remy hair and you can clip in whenever you want! Sort or long hair? You can have it all. I have highlighted my hair recently twice in the last 3 months. I have brown hair with golden blonde highlights. The color from the extensions were honey blonde/brown so I decided to dye the hair to match my own. And it turned out great! I am so happy it did. You never know, it could have gone wrong. 

Irresistible me has a wide range of hair colors and lengths. That's why it is one of the most leading companies in hair extensions. You can also choose how many gram you like and the length you like. Many extensions company don't have that! That's why this company make it so easy. They also offer a highlighted hair extensions. How cool is that? Take a look at their site and be surprised if you haven't already! They ship worldwide for free above $150. If you have any questions there customer service is always available!

Anyway I colored the extensions and they came out perfect as I already mentioned. They didn't shattered. They still look pretty and even thicker than in the first place. They still feel so soft! You can curl them, straight them, everything you like. I am so in love. I've owned extensions in the past, but none of them were so thick like this ones. Especially the quad theft is very thick. I have the 140 gram by the way and 14 inch. They come with 2, 1 wefts. 2, 2 wefts. 2, 3 wefts and 1 quad weft. I truly can say that the hair is amazing. The quality is great!



The color I have is originally honey blonde with brown, but I dyed it in golden blonde with brown. If you are interested in the color than take a look at


I really have nothing negative to say about the company or the extensions. The only thing that was a little bit too bad was the color not matching at first side, but I made it work. If you are looking for great extensions and a reasonable price that I would highly recommend Irresistibleme hair. What do you think about the extensions? Let me know. Big hug and until the next post!