Primark press opening Dordrecht

Hi  beauties,

And here I am again. As you may have noticed I haven’t blogged for a while. Let me just start by the beginning. In my previous posts I mentioned that I am thinking of quitting with blogging. I just needed some time for myself. Anyway last week I moved my whole blog to WordPress and changed my name. But a few days later I wasn’t happy with that. I missed Blogger!!! Not only that, but I wanted back to my domain That is the name that perfectly still fits me. So here I am. Glad to be back and I am staying here! The only thing that will change is that I will post a little more about beauty related stuff and less fashion. I will also post whenever I really have something good to post. I think quality is more important than quantity. I will stay very active on Instagram:
And now to the blogpost of today. Last week I visited a new Primark. It was a new opening and I had the privilege to visit the store before the REAL opening. The opening was very nice. There was good food, drinks and company. Primark started with an introduction and then we were separated (the press) in a few groups. Every group had a leader and she told us something about every section in the store. She told us the Christmas sweaters are very popular. So are the Primark party selection. After the short tour we were able to shop around and take some pictures. I also met some new lovely people. It was very crowded outside. A lot of people were waiting to get in. As they were waiting outside we could shop quietly. That is something I am not used to at the Primark. After that I went home to my little precious girl. Thank you, Fleischmann and Primark for a lovely day. Big hug and until the next post!

Beauty corner!

Love it!

So warm!

Bright, right?


How cute is this section?

This is what I bought.