Sleek Lip VIP Lipsticks


Hi beauties,

It's Friday and It's my BDAY todayπŸŽˆπŸŽ‰ πŸ˜„! Today it's all about the lips. In my previous post I talked about the new i-Divine palettes from SleekMakeUp. Now I am going to talk about the Lip Vip Semi-Matte Lipsticks from SleekMakeUp. There are 6 shades: Private Booth, Reserved, Backstage, Guestlist, Flaunt It and Night Spot.

Before I start my review I would like to say that I love Lipsticks of any kind. I don't know what it is, but that feeling that you can combine different colors and textures to any Make Up look makes me happy. My lips are small so I have to make the best out of it!

These shades from SleekMakeUp are perfect for Spring/Summer time. At the moment I am so addicted to Nude colors so my favorite out of the 6 is Private Booth. It's that perfect nude shade. I have worn that shade the most.

The Lipsticks are very pigmented and soft (creamy formula). They are also full coverage (what we all love). I love it that they are Semi-Matte! 1 Lipstick weighs: 3.6g/0.12oz. They smell like Vanilla, but very soft scented. The price of 1 Lipstick is 7,49 euro.
Here are the swatches of all the six Lipsticks (from left to right): Privat Booth, Reserved, Backstage, Guestlist, Flaunt it and Night Spot. 

Here is a collage of all the six Lipsticks on my lips (left to right). Row 1: Privat Booth and Reserved. Row 2: Backstage and Guestlist. Row 3: Flaunt it and Night Spot. 

Final thoughts: I have nothing bad to say about these beauties. Not only I am in LOVE with the sleek, black packaging, but also with their formula. They are so soft and pigmented! Get yours HERE.

Anyway what are your thoughts?! I am going to celebrate my B-DAY now! Big hug and until the next post!