MakeupGeek Eyeshadow Pans

Hi beauties,

I am back on Blogger. There are many reasons why.. I will not get into details right now, but I wanted to let you know that I really missed the simplicity of Blogger. Not only that, but I also had built a good social netwerk here through Google+ and Google Connector. But really the most important reason is that there went something technically wrong the moment I realized I wanted to come back! It was all a big step at once, Moving to WordPress (I did liked the design) and changing the URL name (people just got used to this one). I will be blogging more about beauty, but I will not forget the OOTD! I am just glad to be back and that I could pimp up my blog a little. I know it's all confusing, but the most important thing is I am here!

Today I am going to talk about the best eyeshadows there are from MakeupGeek, the Eyeshadow Pans. They are so good! I mean if an eyeshadows is so pigmented with just one swipe it must be great, right? I feel like this is going to be a short review. Let me just start at the beginning. I first tried 2 of these eyeshadows and I fell in love right away. I tried Cinderella and Envy first. And about 2 weeks ago I ordered 4 more Pans on BeautyBay. I did order a lot of nude tones. I am hooked on them right now. For more colors click HERE or on BeautyBay.

The single shadows cost $6 each. You get 1.8g/0.064oz of product. As I mentioned before the pigment is amazing! They are not even that expensive for what you get. Marlena from MakeupGeek has done such a great job! My favorite color is Morocco right now. How pretty is that shade? OMG, to die for. OK, lol! I want them all. I really do! I will keep on buying more and of course I need that Z-PALETTE so I can put everything in place!

Swatches (from left to right): Cocoa Bear, Envy, Cinderella, Cosmopolitan, Frappe and Morocco.

I also created this look above with the next colors: Morocco, Frappe, Cocoa Bear and Cinderella. What do you think about MakeupGeek? Please let me know. Big hug and until the next post!