Nurbesten goodies

Hi beauties,

I hope you all are doing fine! Maybe you have noticed that I am back on YT again. I really want to share my passion through video's. That's why I will be blogging less. I do feel kind of awkward in front of the camera, but I want to give it a try. However, my blog still will be open. I still will be blogging now and then!

This package was sent to me a few days ago. It's from the webshop: Nurbesten. They have a wide assortment. I was lucky to receive 4 item of my choice:

Item 2: Falsies
Item 3: Beauty Storage

I was so excited when the package arrived.  It was a quick delivery. I must say that I was the most excited about the Toothbrush for Cream Powder. I love to use it with liquid foundation. It's very lightweight so it's very pleasant to use. I didn't used the other brushes and the falsies yet, but they look very qualitatively too. I am in love with the golden packaging by the way from the brush set! So the last, but not least: the Beauty Storage. I loved organizing my lippies all over again in this new storage. The case is quite big, there is place for 24 lipsticks. It's perfect for my desk!
I also have a coupon code: SED10! It's only available on items with full prices. Free shipping is included! So make sure to use it on!

Thank you for reading and don't forget to check out my new video HERE. Big hug and until the next post!