Happy Day

Hi everyone,

It's Monday again. Last Saturday was such a lovely day. Yeah, it was cold, but the most important thing was that the sun was shining. It has only been raining in Holland so it felt good. I hope you had an amazing weekend. I don't know if I have mentioned it before on my blog, but next year we are moving so we are very busy with that. 
Anyway, I thought let me just wear my red bodycon dress again. I adore this dress, it is so cozy and warm. The color from the trenchcoat goes so well with the red dress. The trenchcoat is my favorite, it looks so sophisticated. Let me know what you think! Happy Monday. Big hug and until te next post!

Coat - Mango | Dress - Sevenbien | Panty - Hunkemoller | Heels - Dune London | Shades - Ray Ban