Instagram disabled my account update. Why?

By the title you can already guess were this blogpost is going to be about! First I wanted to let you know that I will be blogging again a lot. That is one of my New Year's resolutions! It will be a bit different that you are used to. This is going to be my personal magazine where I will be talking about beauty and more. That being said, let's move on to this post. 

On Monday, October 9th 2017 I woke up and I couldn’t log into my Instagram account @selmaalidini. My first reaction was like: ‘Did my hubby did something? What is going on?’ But whatever I did I just couldn’t log in! I started  searching for help on Instagram. I was also searching on the Internet. After searching for an hour I found out a lot of  people on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are also complaining about this problem. Their accounts got disabled too. Some got their accounts back others are still trying. And some gave up and started all over again. 

Anyway after a few attempts someone finally replied to the form I have filled in. I had to write down my name, username  and a code on a piece of paper and send it to Instagram to prove that it was me. I did that several times and I got automatic answers back in Dutch that said I violated their terms and bla bla bla. These are the forms I used to apply:

They said I violated the terms and the only think I could  think of is the music in my videos!

So, weeks passed by and I still didn’t know what was actually going on. I already started a new beauty account under the name @selma.alidni. Time went by and my account didn’t come back. 

After one month I finally heard what is going on. I talked to someone at Instagram. She said that my account was reported several time due to copyright music and that it can't be restored anymore! 'WHAT, NO?' There are worse problems than losing an account, but to me it was something I have worked so hard for. 2 years of building my beauty account. In the last year I grew so fast that people I guess started hating. I had almost 43K. My dream was coming true! Instagram became my part-time job. As a full time mom that was awesome. It was easy to combine and I didn’t had to search for a job! 

I have tears in my eyes again.. sometimes I think maybe this is not made for me! But when I think about how much I love make up and how happy that makes me I just keep on going. I mean come on, everyone is using copyright music. I only used remixes by the way in my last videos. I guess that was copyright too. Yes, I shoud have been more careful, but why so much hate? Why? Besides that Instagram needs a better support system. This one is not good at all!

To be very honest it was very hard starting all over, but I did it because I love it. In my heart I believe I will be there again. I just need to give it some time, but it did lead me to a different mindset. Love what you do and do what you love! The most important things in life are in front of you! It also led me to blogging again.. 

Everyone who has supported me, thank you so much! You made every day a bit brighter. Follow my new account HERE!